automate facebook replies with esmb

Automate Facebook Replies with ESMB

ESMB understands that in order to grow your business and brand identity, you should not only listen to your customers. Let them know that you are always listening to them. In today’s digital era most of the customers expect 24/7 customer service. However, we can’t be on social media all the time. 

Here’s where ESMB kicks in. Using smart and non-generic automation of ESMB you can provide appropriate answers to your customer’s questions. You don’t have to be online 24/7. ESMB will handle it for you.

Importance of Automating Facebook Comments and Replies with ESMB

  1. Personal customer service is a vital aspect of consumer experience

According to research, 90% of social media users used social media as a way to interact with a brand or business. People obviously believe that your social networks are like every other touch-point. Contacting your business this way is more natural or convenient for both of you and your customers.

  1. ESMB’s intelligent automation is far more than ‘we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

This is very helpful if you get a lot of questions especially beyond working hours. This way you can let your customers know you’re going to handle their problem in real-time.

In ESMB you can set up and customize your automatic responses to answer specific phrases and terms. With these auto comment tools, you can eliminate the generic ‘out of office’ messages.

  1. Customers like to complain and rant in social media

One clear reason why consumers visit a Facebook page is to make a complaint. They believe that social media is the most efficient and successful way to get your attention. Make sure to handle such queries quickly by setting up a Facebook page auto reply. This way you can also notify your customer support team before things get worse.

  1. Facebook is part of your sales funnel

It is particularly important when you’re running a Facebook ad campaign to boost sales. Your message is spreading quickly and broadly and your potential customers are more likely to put questions in the comment section. If you can respond quickly, you ‘re not just driving interaction to your campaign, also showing that you’re helpful and responsive. 

You are providing helpful information to those reading the comment thread, it’s like creating live FAQ for your campaign.

  1. Facebook is a great source of customer feedback

Whether your customers are happy and satisfied or not with your products and services they are most likely to give you feedback. How to make sure they will give positive feedback? By having quick and reliable customer support that will immediately reply and thank them for taking the time to speak to you.

  1. Average response time matters

If you have a low response rate on Facebook, what most likely customers say about your brand or business? It delivers a bad impression to your customers. Let them know that they are valuable to you and that excellent customer service can be expected on your Facebook page.

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