Esmb The World’s Easiest Business Software

ESMB – The World’s Easiest Business Software

The main concept of ESMB is to help small and medium businesses enhance and strengthen their marketing strategies. Our vision is to complete the software by creating a new technology that is possible to do email and SMS Blasting, Messenger Bot, and social media posting.

ESMB is an astounding, reliable, and responsive cloud software ideal for small to medium businesses. ESMB helps business owners understand how to improve their digital marketing strategy. This also allows you to strategize big pictures according to your particular business model. 

Main Features of ESMB

ESMB is designed for sales and marketing. It lets you sell your products, book appointments, generate and grow your leads, save data, and engage and build a relationship with your customers all through Messenger. You can do all of these for your business with the help of the amazing features of ESMB. 

  • Complete Facebook Poster

This cloud software allows you to post text, image, link, video, or a carousel to your Facebook business pages and groups.

  • Comment Auto Reply

ESMB lets you set up auto comments tools, to have Facebook page auto reply and comment with engaging templates. It can also do auto private replies.

  • Bulk Message Sending

Through ESMB you can send bulk messages to your Messenger subscribers or potential customers whenever you have announcements and promotions.

  • Full-Featured Messenger Bot

Within just 5 minutes you can easily set up and create Messenger Bot that will serve as your 24/7 salesperson and customer service representative. So you won’t miss anything. 

Get Started with ESMB

Those are the four main features of ESMB but not limited to those of what ESMB can do to help you grow your business. You can always visit ESMB and get the world’s first, most powerful, and complete Facebook Messenger marketing software at a very reasonable price!

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Sell Products Book Appointments Nurture Leads Capture Contact Info And Build Relationships All Through Esmb
Sell Products Book Appointments Nurture Leads Capture Contact Info And Build Relationships All Through ESMB
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